Quick & Dirty: ET4Online Day 2

Day 2: Notes, Ideas, Topics & Tools to Explore from the Online Learning Consortium’s 8th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium

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Identities and Influence Online: Plenary with Bonnie Stewart, U PEI


Slap dash list of topics and stuff to check out:



QOLT: Redesigning and Evaluating Courses for Student Success: Phil Denman and Linda Woods, CSU San Diego

  • Characteristics of good online courses:
  • Detailed syllabus
  • Welcome video
  • Demo video: how to navigate course
  • Set relevant, measurable learning outcomes in plain language
  • Align outcomes to activities
  • Use formative assessment, try peer review
  • Use rubrics
  • State grading policy clearly
  • Be specific about what materials are required and WHY
  • Incorporate OER (open educational resources)
  • Regular communication
  • Constructive feedback – timely and detailed
  • Moderated discussions – use summary thread for huge discussions
  • Sequence content logically
  • Solicit timely feedback from students
  • Give summative feedback at the end of the course

Tools & Resources:

UC Objective Builder
QOLT Rubric
QOLT 2-Pager

Yes: “Use assessment as a tool to assist learning, not to test students.”


Assorted Bits & Pieces


Project Management Tools:

  • Basecamp
  • Zoho
  • Trello

Book: MindMeld: Micro-Collaboration between eLearning Designers and Instructor Experts, Jon D. Aleckson


Hybrid Pedagogy

CI Keys

Domain of One’s Own

Cool Job Titles: Learning Designer, Faculty Developer